Fitness Facts & Tips: Exercise Boosts Performance

Today’s post is the 9th in my Fitness Facts & Tips series. You can see the whole series HERE.

Exercise Boosts Performance

FACT: Exercise Boosts Performance

Have you been exercising regularly for a few weeks or months? I bet you feel different and see a difference in your clothes (and maybe even on the scale if you weigh).

Consistent exercise helps boost performance across all areas of your life. Your muscles will be stronger. You will be more flexible. Daily tasks will seem easier and your balance will be better. Your desk job might even seem better because you have more energy and your mind is more alert. Consistent exercise will improve your endurance. If you are a runner you might be able to run faster and/or longer now.

Fitness helps boost performance in all areas of your life – not just other fitness related areas.

Some Tips:

Make sure to fit all types of exercise into your routine – cardio, strength, flexibility, and functional.

A complete beginner to exercise? Start slow. 5-10 minutes a day until you build that into your routine. Then keep adding more time.

Have a healthy day!


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