8 Tips To Create An Awesome Workout

MoveItMonday.org is one of my favorite websites and I love following them on Twitter. I am a Fitness Expert Contributor to their site as well. I came across this graphic on Twitter, which led me to their fabulous blog post, How To Have An Awesome Workout:

8 Ways To Have an Awesome Workout

After checking with them to make sure they didn’t mind me using their graphic (Blogger tip – don’t just use other’s graphics, get permission), I thought I would write about these 8 ways to have an awesome workout from my perspective and what they mean to me!

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1. Get Pumped Up

How do I get pumped for a good workout or great 5K? Typically with very high energy (and loud) music. This really helps keep me going. Sometimes it can mean starting the workout with the leg press or bench press to really feel the strength come out in me. Often it is finding a new fun workout through blogs or Pinterest to try. You have to find what works for YOU! What pumps you up? What makes you look forward to your workout?

2. Get Enough Sleep

Others may very well debate me on this, but, in my opinion, sleep trumps exercise. Now this is not me saying lay around all day and nap. This is me saying if you aren’t getting 7-9 hours of quality sleep a night that it might be okay to sleep in and skip your workout one morning or ditch your evening exercise to ensure you get to bed at a decent hour. Your body needs sleep. Lack of sleep can cause you not to focus and could lead to an injury.

3. Warm Up Properly

Yes, I fail at this step a lot. I will say that for Saturday’s 5K I was pretty warmed up because I had moved around so much trying to stay warm. A 5-15 minute warmup will help you perform better and reduce injury. This doesn’t have to be complex. Run or walk at a slower pace, do some arm swings, and some squats. Get the blood flowing throughout your body.

4. Work Out With Others

While not everyone loves group fitness classes, they can certainly be a source of motivation and accountability. But again, you have to find what works for you. Maybe working out with others is actually listening to music or a podcast or walking with a friend. I enjoy my 5Ks much more when I have a partner to walk with. I go back and forth on group exercise classes.

5. Find Something You Love To Do

This is probably the most important. Find what you love to do – whether running, walking, crossfit, swimming, etc. The more you enjoy it, the more likely you are to continue with it. Don’t love yoga? Don’t do it. And be prepared for what you love to change over time. Try an activity and hate it? Don’t give up on exercising, just try something different.

6. Remind Yourself of the End Goal

What is your ultimate goal? To run/walk a 5K? To lift a certain amount of weight? To fit into a particular pair of jeans? Know what your goal is. And don’t compare your goals to others. Write your goal down. Maybe you make goals for the month, for a season, or for the year. Do what works best for you. Don’t be afraid to change the goal based on what is happening in your life or injuries that may have occurred.

7. Eat According to Your Workouts

Eat according to your workouts and cravings is what I would say. Eat when you are hungry. Make sure you are eating enough if you are working out hard. And don’t forget to drink water. Lots of water.

8. Recognize How You Feel and Adjust

Love what you are doing? Keep it up! Not feeling your workout, adjust. Try something new. Feeling pain during your workout? Stop. With all my feet issues, the treadmill is often not a happy place for me, so I use the bike elliptical a lot. When that makes my feet hurt, I know it is time to stop for the day. Listen to your body. Working out with a personal trainer? Let them push you beyond your comfort zone, but be honest with them about any pain you are having.

8 Tips To Create An Awesome Workout
8 Tips To Create An Awesome Workout #FitFluential #MoveItMonday Click To Tweet

What do you do to create an awesome workout?



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