5 Tracking Metrics that DON’T Involve the Scale

Hello Your Path to Fit readers! I’m honored to be chatting in this space today as I really look up to Glenneth and her positive work that she’s done with the Health at Every Size movement, as well as the inspiration she demonstrates with the 100’s of 5k’s she’s walked! So thank you, Glenneth!

5 Tracking Metrics that DON’T Involve the Scale

Today I wanted to share a bit about metrics of healthy progress for our bodies that don’t involve the scale. Too often I see clients who are obsessing over that particular number while overlooking MANY many successes they ARE experiencing in their health journey. I don’t want that for you. In fact, I want you to CELEBRATE yourself as much as possible. A positive outlook during your journey also helps you reach your goals faster, so let’s discuss examples of what you could start to celebrate now.

1. A Metric of Time
Aiming to decrease your mile time or race time is a great way to use the metric of time as a non-scale measurement. Conversely, you don’t have to focus on decreasing time, you could focus on increasing time as well, such as how long you can hold a plank or how long you can swim without needing a rest at the side of the pool.

2. A Metric of Distance
Just as it’s thrilling to celebrate personal records in decreasing race times, it’s equally as thrilling to set new distance milestones for yourself. Maybe you’ve completed a few 5k’s and you’re ready to train for a 10k; you’ll be setting new distance records during this progress – you’ve got to celebrate this!! Other ways to use distance as a non-scale measurement include increasing the distance you can swim, bike, etc.

3. A Metric of Inches
Many of us have tried to use the scale as a measurement right? Our clothes are feeling loose so we think, “I’ll hop on the scale and see how much weight I’ve lost?” And then when you hop on the scale it’s not much different and it makes your emotional state change AND you completely forget that you were happy about the looser clothes!? The scale does NOT tell you the whole story. Tracking your inches is another non-scale metric that actually tells a bit more truth. Additionally, this is when taking photos of yourself helps too! The metric of inches doesn’t always have to mean losing inches either. Want to build that bicep or booty? You could be increasing in inches for the better!

4. A Metric of Reps or Weight
Next, we have the metric or reps or weight – and not your scale weight! How much weight you can lift! Tracking how much additional weight you can lift now verse six months ago or how many more reps of pull-ups you can do NOW verse six months is a HUGE motivator! Write these things down and celebrate this type of progress!

5. A Metric of FEELING!!
And lastly (and ohhh so important), how do you feel? Have you really sat down and asked yourself this? Are you happy and energized? Are you stressed and sluggish? How you feel can be telling of what is going on with your body and this doesn’t involve the scale at all. Get in touch with your body’s cues of what feels good and what feels not as good. Your body will tell you if you’re willing to listen.

Non Scale Victories

The important thing to remember with all these metrics is that you won’t know to celebrate yourself unless you’ve written down your baseline and start to track your progress. This is why I want you to go now and download my worksheet to start celebrating your own non-scale victories; tracking chart included.

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