5 Tips For Staying Motivated During Winter

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Staying Motivated During Winter

Does it look like the above outside your window? (Thankfully we haven’t seen snow yet this year.) You may be struggling to stay motivated with your health and fitness goals during these cold winter months. Here are 5 tips to help!

Set small daily or weekly goals.

* Aim to get to the gym X number of days a week or workout for X number of minutes per day or week. That may be just TWO days, but remember – #wycwyc (what you can, when you can).
* Have a fitness tracker? Aim for a certain amount of steps per day (or week).
* Don’t forget to hydrate – drinking X number of ounces of water could be a goal.

Try something new.

* Belong to a gym? Try a new to you group fitness class or piece of equipment.
* Workout at home? Try a new DVD or online workout.
* Never get outdoors during the winter? Bundle up and head out for a short walk/run. You might discover you like it.

Buy a super cute new outfit or workout equipment.

* Fell in love with yoga? Buy some new yoga pants or a yoga mat.
* Starting to run? Buy some new running shoes – get fitted first!
* Don’t have any “true” workout clothes? Try Old Navy or Target’s C9 collection.

Create a new upbeat playlist.

* Use iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, etc. to create an upbeat playlist with 5-10 of your favorite songs.
* Have a dance party around your house!
* Hop on a piece of cardio equipment and listen to your new playlist.

Phone a friend.

* While you might bail on yourself, you probably won’t bail on a friend knowing she is there waiting on you. Make a fitness date.
* Can’t workout together due to scheduling conflicts? Find an accountability partner. And if you need an accountability partner – I am here for you!

How do you stay motivated during the cold winter months?

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14 Responses to “5 Tips For Staying Motivated During Winter”

  1. I usually try to find a Spring race that I have to train for. It keeps me motivated to get out there all winter and run. We’re lucky here in NC. Winter isn’t too harsh.

    • training for spring races is great to keep you motivated! i have a few in spring i am walking.

  2. I joke that I have to bring my own sunshine in the winter; I do that by wearing brightly colored running clothes! I also really hate running on the treadmill, so that is motivation enough!

    • love bright clothes! pink of course is my favorite. but fun workout tights/capris also work!

  3. I just lack motivation in the winter. I thought I would keep running this year but just have NO motivation to run in the winter. I have been going to the gym though and do shorter intervals on the treadmill though. Is it spring yet??

    • our bodies naturally want to hibernate during the winter i think. sadly, not spring yet. but just two more short months!

  4. All of these are GREAT tips! Especially the new workout clothes 😉 To help stay motivated I remember: summer bodies are created in the winter!!! Plus if I workout I maybe can enjoy an extra cup of hot chocolate. hehee

  5. Love these suggestions! I especially love that you’re not like “Go and work out outside anyways” – I hate getting that suggestion sometimes because quite often it’s too icy to safely run outside and I’ve got to go to the gym to be safe!

    • thanks! while outside can be fun, it can also be dangerous during winter. i am all about safety.

  6. These are great tips. It’s definitely difficult to get motivated when it’s freezing outside (for me at least!) I signed up for some races with winter and spring to keep myself accountable.