5 Reasons to Workout (That Aren’t Weight Loss)

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When you think of your reasons to workout, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? If it’s to lose weight, I want to challenge you to add something else to your list.

Focusing on the number on the scale isn’t going to create a positive mindset when it comes to workouts. It’s natural for the number to fluctuate. Not only that but how much you weigh will increase as you build more muscle and lose fat. So the scale isn’t really a good marker of how healthy you are.

When I’m working with clients, I like to tell them to focus on how they feel. I know this can be a hard thing to adjust to, but if you commit to being in tune with your body instead of in love with the scale, you’ll feel much better in the long run. If you have weight to lose, and you’re consistent with your workouts, you’ll lose it, regardless of if you are obsessively checking what the scale says every day.

Over time, I’ve come up with a list of reasons to workout that have nothing to do with losing weight.

5 Reasons to Workout

5 Reasons to Workout that Aren’t Weight Loss

1. Reduce Anxiety: When I’m anxious, I make a point to get to the gym or just go for a walk outside. Getting my blood flowing and just moving helps take my mind off of whatever is causing anxiety. When you workout your body also releases endorphins, which leave you feeling energized, happy and refreshed.

2. Increase Confidence: When you set a physical goal, like being able to do an unassisted pull-up, and then you accomplish that goal, you’ll feel great. This confidence from knowing that you can accomplish a task you set out to do, will give you the power to accomplish things outside of your gym life. Another confidence boost comes when you use a new machine. For example, if you thought the leg press would crush you, and then you finally decided to give it a shot and survived. Well, this ability to do something you thought you couldn’t in the gym will hopefully allow you to believe in yourself outside of the gym too! This alone makes the increase in confidence one of my favorite reasons to workout.

3. Boost Energy: Forget coffee or tea, I’m not fully awake until I workout. For the same reason that working out helps ease anxiety, getting your blood pumping and endorphins flowing will help wake you up for your day.

4. Build Strength: When I think of strength, I’m not talking bicep curls or planks. To me, strength in the gym comes from the functional moves that mimic those in your daily life. For example, deadlifting is similar to picking up a heavy box up off the floor while you’re moving. Bent over rows will help strengthen your back and core so you can work out in your garden for longer this summer. Next time you’re cursing under your breath during a tough strength workout, remember how strong you’re going to feel in your daily life.

5. Social Time: Even if you workout alone, you’ve probably made connections with people who go to the gym around the same time as you every day. I love that smaller gyms have this sense of community. Even better, get a few of your friends together and try out a new fitness studio. In the summer, there are a ton of free workout events in parks and this can be a fun way to explore your city and stay fit with your friends!

There you have it! My top 5 reasons to workout that aren’t weight loss. I’d love to hear what your reasons are!

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