5 Areas of Health & Wellness – #2 Sleep

Today’s area of health and wellness is sleep! Be sure to check out yesterday’s area – activity!

5 Areas of Health and Wellness

I cringe when I hear people say – you can sleep when you are dead. Sadly that may be sooner rather than later if you aren’t giving your body the proper rest time it needs. Your body needs time to recover and repair itself each day. You need anywhere from 6 to 9 hours of sleep per night. The amount does vary from person to person and only you can know what is best for YOU!

Why do you need sleep?

  • Healthy heart
  • Restore and rejuvenate
  • Grow muscle
  • Repair tissue

How do you improve your sleep?

  • Set an evening routine. Reading, watching TV, taking a hot bath, whatever. Do something regularly so that your body knows it is time to relax and sleep.
  • Try to go to bed (and wake up) the same time each day. I try to be in bed (and asleep) between 9 and 10 each night. I wake up at 5AM every day. So that means I get 7-8 hours of sleep a night.
  • Exercise. Do get some exercise in during the day, but try not to exercise right before you go to bed. You will probably be awake from all the endorphins that exercise gives you.
  • Reduce caffeine in the afternoon/evening. Switch to water or tea in the afternoon/evening.

I also use lavender essential oil in my evening bath or sprinkled on my pillow to help me sleep. I know it has been a great night’s sleep when I wake up 5 minutes before the alarm clock goes off.

Make sure you are scheduling time for plenty of quality sleep each night!

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How many hours of sleep do you get a night?



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