4 New Fitness Trends to Try in 2013

Good morning! Spinning class was great yesterday, but WOW am I sore. 18.5 miles in an hour. This afternoon I will be learning to cook crab cakes from a professional chef. I am quite excited!

While I get ready for that and do a couple of other things, I have a guest post for you!

The 4 New Fitness Trends to Try in 2013

It is the beginning of a new year, when we all start looking at our fitness patterns under a microscope and decide what we want to get out of our routines this year. Whether you want to tone up, lose weight or simply have fun, there are some emerging trends appearing that will incorporate all of these and more. There has never been a better time to jump into fitness!

1.High Intensity Interval Training

To kick-start 2013, why not challenge yourself to a new style of training that is fast, hard and definitely not for the faint of heart; high intensity training is taken at intervals throughout your workout and generally works on a pattern of 1 minute of extreme training and 1 minute rest, this will be repeated 10 or 20 times.

There are many reasons why this style of fitness workouts make a nice change but the main benefit for me is the speed of workout. If I did repetitions of 10, then it would fit in perfectly in a lunch break or before work. The best reason to try this new craze is the proven fat burning results, Canadian researchers have found that by doing short bursts of intense exercise 3 times a week has the equivalent results of 2 weeks worth of running – now that’s reason enough for me!

2. Fusion Sports

Fusion sports does exactly what it says, it’s the blending of two forms of exercise to create one amazing workout that has to be tried this year. It has been widely reported that just opting for 1 form of exercise is not enough to reach the peak of our physical fitness, but this can be difficult when leading a busy life. This is where fusion sports will shine, they will give you all the exercise your body needs in 1 go!

There are many fusions appearing that are either available at gyms or classes you can take online, yogalates (yoga and Pilates) for example is perfect for doing at home and can be accessed on YouTube!

3. Body Weight Training

Ok so body weight training is not a new fitness phenomenon but it is set to be huge this year! With more and more gyms employing the notion of resistance training being a fabulous way of building muscle strength, this is definitely a fun way to tone up. The best part of choosing this as part of your fitness plan is that it involves little to no equipment at all, making it extremely accessible and very inexpensive!
The main idea surrounds the use of your own weight as the resistance, moves like push ups and chin pulls are the obvious ones, but there are many more to be grasped!

4. The rise of the themed race

Ok so after all this serious fitness conversation, why not choose to enter a fun themed race this year and give yourself a goal to work towards. In the last few years we have all seen a rise in “fun” runs, where you dress as a monkey and try to run 10K, and themed races are just the same except you all work to 1 theme, whether it’s 1980’s fancy dress or you all throw paint at each other whilst running. These fun events may seem silly but they are a great way to get cardiovascular exercise and also raise money for charities plus they will give you a goal to work towards which is always helpful!

Author Bio: Cass is a fitness and sports writer with over 5 years experience within the industry.

What fitness trends are you seeing? Which ones do you want to try?

Enjoy your day!


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  1. Can’t wait for you to get to cook with a true chef – what fun!