4 Hidden Costs of Joining a Gym

January is a time when people are typically joining gyms. This post will help you discover the hidden costs of joining a gym (outside of the monthly membership fee). Be sure and check out the infographic about beginner’s guide to gym equipment!

4 Hidden Costs of Joining a Gym

It’s that time of year again where you make resolutions to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Naturally, you look into joining a gym to get a jump start on a new fitness routine.

We know going to the gym can be intimidating, much less figuring out what gym to join and then dealing with the financial aspects of it all.

That’s why today we’re covering what some hidden costs there might be of joining a gym.

Curious about potential hidden costs of joining a gym?

Let’s dive in.

4 Hidden Costs of Joining a Gym

1. Membership registration fee. When you hear a special offer for signing up for a gym, what you don’t typically hear is information on the registration fee. Most gyms will charge you a fee to sign up, but sometimes they run specials where this fee is either lowered or waived entirely. Try to look for membership offers where this is the case.

2. Annual maintenance fees. When signing up for a gym membership, make sure to ask if there is an annual fee you have to pay. Make sure you calculate this amount into your monthly membership costs and see if it’s an affordable option for you!

3. Contract Termination fees. If you decide you want to cancel your gym membership, there could be a termination fee that applies. Check with your local gym if there are termination fees for canceling a contract. If there are, be mindful about how long of a contract you sign or ask if there is a month-to-month no contract option available.

4. Not going to the gym once you have a membership. Ok, so this one’s not really on the gym itself. However, this is more common than not, even though it’s something you’re paying monthly for. When looking at gyms, make sure it is one that fits your needs. Want more of a community feel? Look for a gym that offers workout classes, or find a small community gym and join with a friend.

We know it can be hard to stay motivated and that’s why we created an infographic to help you with the intimidation of starting a new fitness routine and joining a gym. Take it one day at a time and set realistic goals for yourself! You don’t need to wait for the new year, a Monday, or the first of a month to make the decision to get healthy – start where you are, and go from there. Check out our infographic below for the beginner’s guide to gym equipment!

Guest author: This article was contributed by Samantha Thayer. She is the online outreach and education specialist over at What’s Up, USANA?. Follow her on Twitter @USANA_Samantha!

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Do you belong to a gym? What “hidden fees” does yours have?



One Response to “4 Hidden Costs of Joining a Gym”

  1. Thankfully I don’t have the hidden fees you listed, but the one thing that annoys me is my monthly cost will randomly increase by a small amount. Adds up over time.