2015 Goals in Review – May

Happy Monday! Welcome to June! A couple of quick updates:

Birds – they are OUT of our house! The animal guy came Friday and safely removed them from the vent. He then took all their nesting material out (oh so much stuff), cleaned the vent, set off a bug bomb, set off a deodorizer bomb, and then put a wire mesh screen under the vent slats. This will prevent this issue from happening again. Thank goodness.

Toes – improving daily. I spent yesterday with them unbandaged and getting some fresh air. Back to bandaids today. I also hope to get in a short workout – which means putting on closed toe shoes (not sandals). Fingers crossed.

Time to review my 2015 goals.

2015 Goals

Happy New Year 2015

Yoga at least 1 – 2x per month – I made one Saturday yoga class in May. I plan to make yoga a priority on Saturdays in June since I don’t have any 5Ks.

Walk an average of one 5K per month – I walked three 5Ks during the month of May. That brings my total up to 10. My next one will be July 3rd.

Start online health and fitness coaching business – I took May off for pretty much everything “extra” that I do. I needed to give myself a break. I am back now. I am very close to having my opt-in piece for my business finished. I am suffering perfection paralysis at the moment. It is 98% ready. Then I just have to add the plugin and coding for the piece.

Give/sell things I am not using and stop buying things I don’t truly need – I put myself on the shopping ban challenge for clothes during the month of May. I fell off the wagon on the 19th. However, most of what I bought then is going back this week. I have finally bought some shorts. I used my Old Navy gift card to buy some cute tops. And I have another bag of clothes to donate.

Workout in the AM a few mornings a week – Nope.

Utilize standing desk at work more often – Nope.

Bench press 200 pounds by end of year – I have not done as much toward this as I had hoped, but I plan to spend June, July, and August concentrating on strength training at the gym.

How are your 2015 goals coming?



3 Responses to “2015 Goals in Review – May”

  1. I have nailed my intention of being silent more often. My goal of yoga?? Not at all 🙂

  2. I’d say, all in all, you’re doing pretty damn well lady! Great reminder to check in on our resolutions/goals for the year!