2015 5Ks in Review

Whew! As I mentioned earlier this week, I completed my 5K goal for 2015. With my foot issues, I doubt I set a 5K goal for 2016. I want to enjoy the 5Ks, not be stressed by them. I wanted to talk briefly about each 5K. You can see the race recap by clicking on the link.

5Ks in Review - 2015

January 1st – New Year’s Day 5K – 53:50

The New Year’s Day 5K is always fun – when it doesn’t rain. This was only my second (or maybe third) time walking it and they keep changing the course. New Year’s Day is such a great day for a race. Start the year off on the right foot. I reviewed my blog posts back then (didn’t do a recap) and seems I was sick at the first of this year.

February 14th – Chocolate Lover’s 5K – 47:31 (PR) (3.00 miles)

Gotta love doing a 5K on Valentine’s Day with your hubby (it was our anniversary as well). So, technically I set a PR because they said this course was certified – but I showed it as short on my Garmin. In any instance, it was super fast thanks to hubby’s encouragement. The hot chocolate and chocolate covered strawberries at the end were perfect! I think all races in the winter should serve hot chocolate!

March 15th – St. Patrick’s Day 5K – 50:24

One of my goals for the year had been to work on improving my 5K speed (which is probably what caused my plantar fasciitis according to the specialist). While not as fast as the Valentine’s race, it was fast for me walking alone.

March 21st – Knoxville Superheroes 5K Trail Race – 1 hour 19 minutes

Ah, the trail race. My SLOWEST 5K ever. I will say that the time is not that bad when you consider it took me 40 minutes to complete the first MILE. Yes, 40 minutes for a mile. Truly I was just thrilled to finish the thing. Trail races are not really for me. With all my balance issues and slipping and sliding, I bet in actuality this was where my foot problems began.

March 29th – Knoxville Covenant 5K – 51:36

Always a favorite race. Hard to get too good of a time considering the crowd – especially when you are starting in the back. Finished the 5K then waited for hubby and our friend to finish the half.

April 11th – Color Me Rad 5K – finished – no clue how long

I have said it before – I love color races, especially Color Me Rad. Walked with the munchkin again and had a blast! If Color Me Rad came to Knoxville monthly, I would probably do it each month.

April 25th – Dogwood Classic 5K – 48:21

Was trying for a PR at this one and didn’t quite make it – although it a was a great time. My last mile was super strong, just couldn’t pull out the PR.

May 3rd – Suck It Up Buttercup 5K – 49:00

Another pretty fast 5K for me. I sucked it up!

May 16th – Girls Run the World Virtual 5K – 56:57

I don’t typically do 5Ks on a treadmill, but since this was a virtual 5K, I decided to enjoy the quiet and solitude of the cardio theater at the gym. I found the 5K felt so much faster because I was listening to music, reading a book, and watching a movie.

May 24th – KTC Expo 5K – 52:45

This race was pretty painful. This is when I knew something really wasn’t right. This was the beginning of my break.

Huge break from walking/exercise

October 31 – Farragut 5K – 59:18

This race was right before I saw the specialist. I knew I needed to get it in if I was going to make 12 for the year. Walked super slow with some friends, but spent the rest of the weekend in bed. This was a new to me course and hubby was running the 1/2 in the series.

November 26th – Autumnfest 5K – 50:31

My final 5K of the year on Thanksgiving. I had had almost a month to try the techniques the specialist recommended. They are definitely helping. A great 5K time for me. The next two days were pretty painful, but manageable.

I don’t plan to do any more 5Ks during 2015. Lots of holiday stuff going on and not many to choose from. Assuming the weather cooperates, I will be doing the New Year’s Day 5K.

Looks like some of my favorite races are based around holidays! When planning my 2016 schedule, I will be trying for the ones that are fairly flat (it is Knoxville after all).

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How do you decide which races to do? How far out do you plan?



3 Responses to “2015 5Ks in Review”

  1. This is awesome – congrats on all your accomplishments! That’s a bummer about your foot and I hope it heals quickly. And trail running – those are always super tough!!

  2. Sounds like a fun year. In 2013, I did 13 half marathons. When I do a lot of racing in a year, I plan according to location…..those nearby. But then anytime we plan a vacation, I usually try to plan it around a run. Half Marathons are my race distance of choice, so I usually do 4-6 in a given year, and I plan my races pretty far in advance. Fees are usually cheaper! 🙂