1st Week Personal Training Results

Hello and Happy Wednesday! Definitely loving this short work week. Missing my Happy Hunk Day posts? Here are a few old ones to choose from: Alex O’Loughlin and Josh Duhamel. Don’t worry, they’ll be back soon.

I mentioned a little over a week ago that I had signed up for online personal training with Tina Reale. My first week ended Sunday, Christmas Day. Here are my results:

Week 1 Personal Training Results
Week 1 Personal Training Results

I actually completed 4 out of the 5 workouts I was assigned. I was pretty proud of myself considering during the week I had to work 4 days and had 5 Christmas events to attend. I honestly would have done the final workout, but I was TOO SORE!!! While my body can handle cardio, I have not strength trained in quite a while. Did my 1st strength training on Tuesday and the 2nd one Friday. By Friday evening, just standing up and sitting down was painful. Not to mention stairs.

Already this week I have completed my first cardio assignment and my first strength assignment. WOOHOO!!! While I would love quick results, this is a process. I can however feel my muscles becoming stronger each time.

Thinking about online personal training? Here are a few pros and cons:

PRO: Much cheaper than in-person training.
PRO: Customized to fit your needs and goals, not some gym prepared training.
PRO: Assignments given out ahead of time, you plan them in your schedule. Have a schedule change? Easily move them around to fit your needs.

CON: No one to watch your form as you workout. Luckily there are TONS of online videos that show you the proper way to do each exercise.
CON: No one to give encouragement while you are working out.

Making this my motto for 2012:

Today’s talking point: Have you ever tried online personal training?

2 Responses to “1st Week Personal Training Results”

  1. I’ve never tried it, but I love the idea! Tina definitely has the right idea offering it online! Plus, you get the benefits reading additional information on their website.

    • I am really enjoying the online training. Someone else plans my workout, but I plan them in my schedule. Allows for a ton of flexibility.