12 for 2012 Update & Let's Move More!

Good morning and Happy Hump day! How’s your week going? Anything exciting? So far this has been a fairly calm week – AND I LOVE IT!

I cannot believe it is May 2nd already. We are 1/3 of the way through 2012. Time to update my 2012 Goals, ToDos, and Resolutions. Some household, some personal, some professional. Some very specific, some general.

1 – Reduce spending by using up items we have before buying others.

*** Doing pretty good on this one. My so-called budget in April was a disaster, so I have restarted this month.

2 – Donate old/unwanted clothes/household items to KARM or Goodwill.

*** 3 bags of clothes and 2 bags of kitchen appliances/etc. have been donated. There is much more we can donate, I just need to take the time to go through our stuff.

3 – Complete a race longer than a 5K.

*** This one is complete!

4 – Save 10-15% of each paycheck. Now that I am back working full-time in a fairly stable job, time to start the savings again.

*** WOOHOO!!! Still on track with this one – saving 15% of each paycheck first. I also put some of the money I made from selling my car into my retirement fund. I put the rest back for emergencies, Christmas, etc.

5 – Try CrossFit and Spinning (at least once each).

*** Still pending. Once my personal training with Tina is done, I am going to try one of the free Crossfit classes and a Spinning class.

6 – Become Google AdWords certified. Professional goal to help with my job.

*** On hold for now. Much too busy for me to take the time to sit and study.

7 – Learn to cook one meal per season. As you know, I am not a cook. I would like to learn to cook one complete meal (edible and healthy) each season.

*** Completely failed on this one for the first quarter. Second quarter isn’t looking so good either.

8 – Walk/Bike/Elliptical at least 500 miles. Last year I completed 450+, so I am adding 10% to that number.

*** April 2011 was 12 miles. April 2012 was 18 miles. This is more than a 10% increase. Since the first quarter was on track, this goal is on target. Looking forward to really adding some miles once we get out our bikes.

9 – Utilize craft room (make handmade cards, gifts, etc).

*** Ummm….this hasn’t happened yet. And now the craft room is a little messy. Sigh.

10 – Blog at least 5 times per week.

*** I blogged over 30 times during the month of April, so this one is still on track. Also, April was a record month on the blog – thank you!

11 – At least 1 – 5 day vacation and 2 weekend getaways.

*** Still hoping to get one of these scheduled soon.

12 – Continue all goals to become healthy and get to feel great weight. These include logging what I eat on a regular basis, following my online personal trainer’s plans, and more.

*** Still following Tina‘s, my online personal trainer, plans. My weight is still not decreasing, so I bought a body fat monitor. My body fat percentage is decreasing. Wish I knew what it was when I started. I can feel myself getting stronger and my clothes fit better, so it is not all about the number on the scale.

7 out of 12 goals doing good. Must work on the others or change them. Thoughts?

So, as I discussed in early March, I was giving up diet soda for a while. I officially went without any diet soda (or soda) for March AND April. 61 days in total. I did resume diet sodas yesterday. The good news? They didn’t taste as good and I drank far fewer than in the past. My intent was never to give up diet soda completely, but to drastically decrease my intake. I would say this is a success. I can honestly say I didn’t feel better or worse than usual when I was not drinking the diet sodas.

So, I was cleaning out my wallet yesterday afternoon and realized I have a bizarre habit. I hate to carry around too much change, because it makes the wallet heavy. However, when I empty the change into my change jar, I always leave 4 quarters in my wallet. I have no idea why I do this or why it is specifically four quarters. Do you have any bizarre habits/rituals?

Looking for a challenge in May? How about a challenge to move more? Check out this challenge. There are even prizes at the end. Just read Janetha’s post for complete details.

move more in may

Every little bit helps! I am trying to move more. That’s why I got a fitbit. It tracks all my steps, movement, stairs, etc. The great part is that it links with MyFitnessPal. I will be doing a full post on this once I have a little more data.

Happy Wednesday! Make it awesome!

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  1. Wow – you’re doing awesome!! And you’ve made me remember that I made a list of goals too – oops. I almost hate to look at that list and see how far I haven’t gotten! lol.

    Thanks for the inspiration and great to have you on the Blogathon!

    • Glenneth

      Thanks Mikaela! Updating my goals monthly on the blog helps keep them in front of me. Love the Blogathon!

  2. Nice work Glenneth!
    LOL Mikaela, I might have been having the exact same thoughts. Time for a review no doubt.
    Best wishes to you both for Blogathon. I am a first timer and have chosen to set the bar at 20 posts having looked at the commitments I already have this month. Yes, I’ve lowered the bar but it would be a new highest post frequency so I figure it’s still a good challenge.
    Looking forward to getting to know you.
    Cheers, Caylie

    • Glenneth

      I am working on moving more by taking walking breaks at work. Every little bit helps!

  3. Wow – what a list! Very curious to hear what you think of Crossfit. I’ve been flirting with trying it out but the exorbitant costs have kept me away. Still, functional fitness seems like the way to go, so…

    • Glenneth

      Crossfit is definitely very pricey. I would certainly do a few of the free classes before I paid any $$$.