12 for 2012 Goals Update

Welcome to August! Everyone ready to start a new month? I start this month by leaving for ATLANTA tonight for the Thirty-One National Conference. I am almost all packed and will finish this morning while getting ready for work. I am quite positive I have overpacked. Luckily I am driving and no one is counting the bags or weighing them.

Since it is the start of a new month, you know what that means – time to update my 12 for 2012 goals. Here we go!

1 – Reduce spending by using up items we have before buying others.

*** Still doing pretty good on this one. Could always do better. Need to immediately reduce spending. Why? Apple is coming out with TWO new products next month – a new iPhone and a mini iPad. I definitely see the new iPhone in my future.

2 – Donate old/unwanted clothes/household items to KARM or Goodwill.

*** 7 total bags of clothes and household items donated this year. We definitely have more we could donate, just a matter of finding the time to go through our bonus (i.e., storage) room.

3 – Complete a race longer than a 5K.

*** This one is complete!

4 – Save 10-15% of each paycheck. Now that I am back working full-time in a fairly stable job, time to start the savings again.

*** WOOHOO!!! I am REALLY proud of myself for this one. Every paycheck since January I have saved 15%. This is HUGE for me.

5 – Try CrossFit and Spinning (at least once each).

*** Still pending. These are both on my fitness bucket list. Want to know more about my fitness bucket list? Just click on the link to be taken to my Pinterest board. I anticipate trying Spinning during the month of August.

6 – Become Google AdWords certified. Professional goal to help with my job.

*** This is in progress. I am studying every day at work. My goal is to be certified by the end of October. This will be huge for both me and the company I work for.

7 – Learn to cook one meal per season. As you know, I am not a cook. I would like to learn to cook one complete meal (edible and healthy) each season.

*** To date this has been a failure. I don’t see this one being completed at all. Oh, well.

8 – Walk/Bike/Elliptical at least 500 miles. Last year I completed 450+, so I am adding 10% to that number.

*** January – July 2011 I did 140 miles. January to July 2012 I did 191 miles. Definitely off track on this now, after staying on track for 6 months. I can tell you the reason – cycling. We rode our bikes twice this July as compared to multiple times per week last July. It is what it is.

9 – Utilize craft room (make handmade cards, gifts, etc).

*** I am utilizing the craft room, for my new 31 business. Not exactly the intention, but at least the room is being utilized.

10 – Blog at least 5 times per week.

*** On track.

11 – At least 1 – 5 day vacation and 2 weekend getaways.

*** My mom and I took a fabulous long weekend getaway to Folly Beach in July. I leave today for the 31 National Conference in Atlanta. Hubby and I have a weekend getaway (to a race) in October. I think this one is on track.

12 – Continue all goals to become healthy and get to feel great weight. These include logging what I eat on a regular basis, following my online personal trainer’s plans, and more.

*** I am participating in Tina’s Best Body Bootcamp. I am at my lowest weight so far this year. I have a friend who wants to start going to the gym with me. My gang of friends is all signed up to walk a 5K in October.

How are your 2012 goals coming?

Happy August!

4 Responses to “12 for 2012 Goals Update”

  1. Who listed #7 – hubby??? 🙂 Not a goal for you I think but good idea. Have a great convention – enjoy every minute of it.

  2. seems like you are doing great with the variety of goals! maybe on the meals you just need to revamp it..what do you consider cooking a meal? Can it simply be that you are eating more seasonal with salads rather than making a large meal?

  3. That’s awesome! You’re doing great! I didn’t really set goals for 2012, I’m more of a short-term, monthly goals kind of person. My big goal this August is to walk around/take photos of all of Manhattan’s neighborhoods