10 Things I Need to Do to be Healthier

1. Move more. Already walking 2-3 times per week at 30-45 minutes each time. Now slowly adding biking into the mix. Ideal would be for me to get up earlier and use my elliptical. It misses me.
2. Drink more water, less diet sodas. While diet sodas have zero calories, there have been studies that they can actually prevent weight loss. I try to drink only water before noon and then allow myself diet sodas.
3. Eat less fried food. I have to admit, I LOVE french fries. I love a lot of fried foods, but french fries – YUMMY.
4. Stop my chips and salsa/queso/dip habit. Again – kind of addicted. I tend to order them whenever we go out – especially to Mexican restaurants.
5. Eat more vegetables. This is a hard one because (a) I am such a picky eater and (b) I don’t cook. Any advice on how to learn to love them would be greatly appreciated.
6. Eat more fruits. I am really working on this and making progress. Trying for 3-4 servings a day. Bananas are my favorite and I am freezing them and using them in smoothies.
7. Stop agonizing over the number on the scale. I used to weight once a day and have changed it to once a week.
8. Journal what I eat. I am fairly good with this – I use the WW online tracker. Studies show that those who log what they eat tend to lose more and keep it off.
9. Start incorporating strength training back into my life and head back to YOGA! I have a gym membership and some home equipment. There is no excuse.
What do you do to stay healthy? Tips?

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