10 Healthy Habits You Can Start Today!

Whether you are 70, 50, 30, or anywhere in between, it is never too late (or too early) to start developing healthy habits. Here are ten healthy habits plus tips for start on them today!

10 Healthy Habits to Start Now!

10 Healthy Habits

1. Drink your H2O. Proper hydration is key to so many elements of your health. It is especially important in the hot summer heat. I just bought a Yeti tumbler (I had an Amazon gift card) and it is truly amazing at keeping cold drinks cold even when left in your hot car.

START TODAY: Drink 1 extra glass or bottle of water with every meal.

2. Move more. Whatever activity you choose, try to add move movement/activity in your day. Whether squats at work or a Zumba class after work, it all adds up. Three 10 minute walks during your day is 30 minutes.

START TODAY: Do 30 squats throughout your day!

3. Ditch the scale. Seriously. The number on the scale does not indicate how healthy you are. Want some metrics to monitor? Schedule a physical with your GP. Look at blood pressure, cholesterol, glucose level, etc.

START TODAY: Don’t get on the scale.

4. Reduce your stress. Stress can cause so many different issues with your body and everyone reacts differently to stress. Start regular meditation or yoga, learn to say NO, schedule downtime every day, delegate more.

START TODAY: Plan your week ahead and schedule in plenty of downtime and fun.

5. Eat more fruits and veggies. Don’t think about what you might have/need to cut out of your diet, concentrate on adding things in. Adding in more fruits and veggies is always a great place to start. Watermelon comes to mind for the summer!

START TODAY: Add in an extra veggie or fruit with every meal.

6. Strength train. Strength training is so important – especially for us ladies as we get older. Take a Body Pump class at your gym. Buy some dumbbells you can use at home. Learn 1 new body weight exercise.

START TODAY: Find a strength training class at your gym or buy a set of dumbbells.

7. Sleep more/better!. You need 7-9 hours of QUALITY sleep per night. Best way to judge your sleep quality is with a fitness tracker like FitBit or an app.

START TODAY: Try to get to bed 30 minutes earlier or plan to sleep 30 minutes later.

8. Eat/journal. Make sure you are eating enough to fuel your day and get through your workouts. You might be surprised. Either use an app like MyFitnessPal or write it down in a notebook.

START TODAY: Track your food for one day. Did you get enough water? Eat enough fruits and veggies? How were you feeling?

9. See your doctor regularly. Make sure you are getting a yearly physical, seeing the dentist twice a year, your OB/GYN yearly, and so on. Remember that ladies in our 40s need mammograms and after 50 we need colonoscopies.

START TODAY: What appointment have you been putting off? Call and schedule it today.

10. Laugh and have fun! Along the lines of reducing your stress, make sure to laugh and have fun every day!

START TODAY: Call a friend who makes you laugh or watch a comedy on TV.

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Which of these healthy habits do you need to start today? What healthy habit would you add to the list?


11 Responses to “10 Healthy Habits You Can Start Today!”

  1. This is great! I agree on all of these especially to ditch the scale. Worrying about your wt all summer is not fun!

  2. These are all really great tips! I like that last one a lot! ;P Makes a huge difference!

  3. It was really difficult for me to NOT get on the scale every other day when I began my weightloss journey. But, now I only weigh myself monthly and am SO happy for that ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Yes, yes, YES! These are all fantastic tips. Especially #10. Life is much more fun when you can laugh ๐Ÿ™‚