10 Habits to Make/Break for Your Health

In my most recent Fabulous Friday Five, I shared an article with the history of to-do lists and it showed one of Johnny Cash’s to-do list. I love that he wrote what TO do and what NOT do to. That’s just like with our health. There are some habits we need to make and some we need to break.

Healthy Balance

MAKE: Move more. Try to get up and move every 30 – 60 minutes if you have a desk job. Walk around your office, do some squats, stretch. Even if you just have 10 minutes try walking, stretching, or some bodyweight exercises.

BREAK: Stop drinking sugary drinks. If you are still drinking regular sodas, you could be drinking 500+ calories a day and not know it.

MAKE: Drink more water. Water has so many health benefits and is readily available. Add lemon, lime, or almost any fruit to add a touch of flavor. Trying drinking an 8oz glass of water before snacking to see if you are really hungry or maybe just thirsty.

BREAK: Stop eating fried foods. Instead of french fries, try baking the fries. Instead of fried veggies, why not try roasting them.

MAKE: Eat more vegetables/fruits. Make sure each meal contains a veggie and/or fruit. Try adding a serving to every meal and you have increased your servings by 3 each day. Love smoothies? Throw some kale or spinach in and there is your veggie serving.

BREAK: Letting the number on the scale dictate how you feel about yourself. The scale is just a number and only one way of determining your progress. Don’t let it determine how happy/sad you are.

MAKE: Journal what you eat. Studies have shown that people who journal what they eat lose more weight. You can journal on a piece of paper, an electronic journal, or even using an app like MyFitnessPal. Consider journaling how hungry you were or how you felt after you ate.

BREAK: Stop eating out of boredom. When you reach for food ask yourself – am I really hungry or am I just bored? If bored, find something productive to do or indulge in some self-care like a bubble bath or massage. If hungry, make the healthiest decision you can.

MAKE: Strength train. Especially important for women as they get older – don’t worry, you won’t bulk up but your body will constantly be burning calories.

BREAK: Stop being a couch potato. Fall starts the new TV season and tons of new and returning shows. Some people watch 7-21 (or more) hours of TV a week. Make sure you are getting in some exercise BEFORE you watch TV or during (use the commercials for short bursts of activity). If you can watch 21 hours of TV a week, you can certainly find 30 minutes a day to be active.

What healthy habits do you need to make or break?

Have a healthy day!


4 Responses to “10 Habits to Make/Break for Your Health”

  1. I stilllllll (after 17 years on this path) need to MAKE better HYDRATING HABITS.

  2. Luckily, I’m not a couch potato. I do suck at eating veggies with every meal. I love veggies and eat a lot of them with dinner, but not with lunch. I really need to work on that.
    I love this list!

  3. Love this!!!! I definitely need to work on getting up more often throughout the day. It’s too easy to get lost in my work and spend way too much time sitting at my computer.