Wednesday Workouts & Wisdom

Happy Hump Day! Its the middle of the week again. I like Wednesdays. Why? (1)It is usually one of my two rest days (the other is Friday) and (2)Hubby and I usually go to one of our favorite places to eat.

Looking for a new workout today? Here you go:

I want to share some wisdom from other bloggers with you today. I real a LOT of blogs and often star them. Here are three I think you will love.

As you guys know, I have been spending a lot of time over the winter on the elliptical I found this article that I have to share with you. Wish I had found it earlier. How Not To Get Bored On The Elliptical by Teri. I love the idea of putting magazines out just for reading on the elliptical. I have a ton of magazines I have yet to read (both paper and digital).

Another great article is Creating a Walking Habit by Caitlin. Obviously walking is one of my favorite ways to get in exercise. I have not walked as much during the winter, but I have substituted the elliptical or bike trainer. I am very excited for the time change and the temps increasing. I am ready to walk and bike OUTSIDE!

Don’t have a clue where to get started? Check out the Ultra Beginners Fitness Guide by Emmie. Most people can’t (and probably shouldn’t) go from a sedentary lifestyle to running a 5K. But you need to start somewhere. Find a walking track and do a lap. The next day do two. Then three. You will get there. I promise it gets easier.

I have two new favorite foods:

* Mayfield TruMoo Chocolate Milk
* Emerald Sea Salt and Pepper Cashews

I am drinking 1/2 cup of the TruMoo before breakfast and 1/2 cup after my workout. Fitness magazine actually published an article that recommends chocolate milk after a workout. I am eating 1-1.5 ounces of the cashews in the evening as a snack. I don’t normally like things with salt, but I am loving the taste of the cashews. I am weighing and measuring both, not eyeballing them.

What is your favorite new food?

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    • Glenneth

      The sea salt and pepper cashews are made by Emerald and come in a green canister.

  1. I also just bought a case of horizon chocolate milk (8oz “juiceboxes”) to start drinking after my workouts. Chocolate milk is suck a treat in my mind, that I love the fact that I can drink it after a workout and not feel like I’m cheating!

    • Glenneth

      Chocolate milk ROCKS! I am really enjoying my 1/2 cup before breakfast and 1/2 cup after workout.

  2. Dawn A.

    I must have read the same article because I too recently started with chocolate milk after my long workouts. Loving Horizon 1%!