Ten Tweets Tuesday!!!

Good morning! My workout yesterday was all arms. I did every machine in Planet Fitness and tried to increase the weight each time. When I left the gym I could barely lift my arms. It was just the kind of workout I wanted – intense and gave my legs a rest. Tonight’s workout will be walking. Maybe.

There are HUGE thunderstorms happening while I type this. The kids in our area go back to school today. I do hope the rain stops before everyone needs to get out. Luckily my drive to work is super short, but we do live near a school so the traffic could be bad. It looks like the storms may be back for this evening. If they are I guess I will hit Mr. Elliptical for an interval workout.

I also need to go to the grocery store today, but if it is raining after work, I am NOT going. I hate dealing with groceries during heavy rains.

Thanks for all the congrats on my Fitness Nutrition Specialist (FNS) certificate. I do plan on taking more classes, but I do need to get the Google AdWords certification for work first. The great part is my confidence was raised considerably when taking the FNS test, so I am excited about the Google AdWords certification.

For today I thought I would share some tweets I have favorited over the past few weeks. Twitter is a great place for motivation. If you are on Twitter, find me @LetsTalkAndWalk. You will notice a couple of people repeat on this list. Tina Reale (@TinaReale) and Jorden Bench (@HealthFitMaster) are great people to follow for inspiration.

Ten Top Tweets

And an extra tweet from yours truly. This statement was spoken by the founder of Thirty-One’s husband during the National Conference I attended and I thought it was applicable in all areas of life.

Did you enjoy these? Do you have a favorite? Are you on Twitter? Please leave your handle in the comments so I can follow you! Feel free to recommend some of your favorite Tweeps.

Enjoy your day!

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