Summer Bucket List Review

Good morning and Happy Wednesday! It is very happy for me as I slept MUCH better last night. After yesterday’s 3:30AM wake up, I was exhausted by mid-day. I seriously just wanted to lay down and sleep about 5PM, but knew that wouldn’t be good if I wanted to sleep last night. I did crash at 9PM and it was lights out for me. Slept straight through til 4:45AM, then tossed and turned until alarm went off at 5:30AM.

There was some excitement yesterday – I got my new iPhone5. It is very pretty and shiny. I love that Apple makes the transfer process from one iPhone to a new one. So easy. Back up the old, plug in the new, wait for it to download/sync and voila – ready to go.

Here are a couple of photos from the new camera:

Check out what my photographer sent me last night – more headshots from our photo shoot:

I originally posted my Summer Bucket List on June 21. Since Summer is officially over, it is time to see how I did.


  • First 31 team meeting this week! Very excited about meeting the other ladies on my team. – COMPLETE!
  • Beach vacation with my Mom in July. – COMPLETE! We had a FABULOUS time.
  • 31 National Conference in early August. Atlanta – get prepared for over 14000 women! – COMPLETE and AMAZING!
  • Finish my Fitness Nutrition Specialist certification. – COMPLETED AND PASSED!
  • Pilot Fireball Classic 5KCOMPLETE
  • Annual mammogram. Have you had yours? Schedule it today – so important! – COMPLETE
  • Hotter n Hell 5KCOMPLETED and we lucked out with amazing weather
  • Enjoy a Girl’s Night Out – COMPLETE My girlfriends and I had a fabulous dinner one evening at Cheddar’s (new restaurant in town), then headed back to my house for a while.
  • Take more photos for my blog – COMPLETE – I think this one was definitely completed. And I look forward to taking even more with my NEW IPHONE5!
  • Spend time with family & friends – Complete
  • Enjoy lots of watermelon – Complete
  • FUN – Always! COMPLETE

Not Complete

  • 5K beach walk – Did not complete, but I enjoyed every second at the beach.
  • Bike Cades Cove (a couple of times) – Didn’t get to Cades Cove this year. Didn’t get on our bikes much. We have both pledged to not let this happen next year.
  • See a movie – Last movie I saw in the theaters was The Avengers. Loved it, but it was technically in Spring.
  • Pool time – didn’t get in as much pool time at our neighborhood pool as I would have liked. There is always next year.

Still In Process

  • Become Google AdWords certified (work) – We are aiming for mid-October.

Now – should I create a Fall bucket list or just goals for each month? That is the question.

Did you create a summer or fall bucket list? Share in the comments.

Enjoy your day!

5 Responses to “Summer Bucket List Review”

  1. you did SO well with your summer list!!! great job! i didnt have a summer one, but i def have a fall one!!! happy wednesday and spa love!

  2. Holy cow you did so much this summer! Go you! I’m jealous of your iphone 5, I have the 4s and have been tempted to buying it even though I don’t have an upgrade.