Scenes from Yesterday

Hello and Happy Hump Day! SNOW happened yesterday. Lots of snow. Thankfully I have a job where if I think it is going to get bad, I can come home and work. And that’s exactly what happened yesterday. First signs of snow (and hearing schools were closing), I hightailed it out of my office and straight to my house. Luckily I beat the crowds home.

Within a half hour of me being home, the roads looked like this:

Snowy Roads

In between working I was texting family and friends to make sure everyone knew the snow was here and was headed home. Thankfully everyone made it home safely although my friend L’s car got hit by a guy trying to go around her cause he was in a hurry.

Within 1-2 hours our street became impossible to get up and people just dumped their cars off on the first street, the entrance, and the exit.


There was a slight mishap in the neighborhood when the red car hit a mailbox and went into the bushes, but luckily no one was hurt:

Red Car Mishap

Mr. Moose went out and made snow angels:

Mr. Moose Snow Angel

Our neighbor and her girls made us some cinnamon sugar bread. I saved it for breakfast this morning. Cannot wait! It smells amazing!

Cinnamon Sugar Bread

Dessert was snow cream with Bailey’s and caramel. A fun winter dessert!

Snow Cream

I will be working from home today. No way am I trying to get out. Streets are still covered in snow/ice. It is only supposed to get to 22 today.

Stay safe and warm today!


3 Responses to “Scenes from Yesterday”

  1. I cannot believe the VORTEX!!!
    last winter NoCal had FRIGID temps and this?

    sending all all all warm thoughts—