More Monday Motivation!!!

Good morning! Monday, Monday. Here we go again! I am very much looking forward to my girls night out tonight! It should set the week off on a super fun note. Other important items on the to-do list today: schedule a doctor’s appointment about my calf and try to get into a spinning class on Wednesday.

Look what I found at Kroger yesterday. These little ice creams from Skinny Cow. This one was Caramel Cone. It was the perfect individual size ice cream and you aren’t tempted to eat anymore, because it is gone. I got hubby and I each one and we had them for dessert last night.

Check out these beautiful sunflowers I saw at Kroger yesterday. I am very tempted to go back and buy one. I think sunflowers are so bright and cherry. Wonder how hard they are to take care of?

Let’s Get Motivated!

So, let’s get started! Are you ready? Put one foot in front of each other and GO!

Remember why you started and what you are working for. And everyone has their own dream result. Whether it is a smaller clothes size, toned arms, the ability to bench press a certain amount, just remember your goals. Have you written your goals down?

I love this one. There are some funny, funny things on Pinterest. This is so true. There is no magic pill, magic potion, magic workout routine. Just move more, eat right, and get sleep.

Again, don’t complain about your situation, do something about it. And it starts with moving. And what do I recommend? Walking of course! Walking is simple and cheap. You can do it pretty much anywhere, anytime.

There will never be a perfect time, you have to MAKE the time. Start now. Don’t wait. Why are you waiting? Why have you not started? Remember, it is not about perfection, but about progress. You have to start to make progress!

What fun things are on your schedule today? What is motivating you? Tried any fun new workouts?

Enjoy your day!

5 Responses to “More Monday Motivation!!!”

  1. I don’t think sunflowers are hard to care for – just water in the vase and as any flower, be sure to replace water every other day or so. Enjoy!

  2. Looking for opportunities instead of waiting for opportunities to come to me is currently my motivation. Also – not having fear hold me back from going after what I want out of life!

  3. had flooding due to Isaac
    this week consists of meetings at school district (daughter is goin to be home/virtual schooled this year)
    court dates
    and trying to get money to move…
    busy chaotic week here