Monday Motivation Mania!!!

Good morning and Happy Monday! Here we go again! Luckily this week should be much calmer than last week. I am ready to get back to my workouts and SWEAT!

How was your weekend? We had a great weekend and absolutely amazing weather. In case you missed some of my posts:

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Happy Birthday Mom!

Thanks to all who left birthday wishes for my Mom. We had a wonderful time together last night – and she loved her gifts. Stay tuned later this week for a recap of what I got her and our meal at Ruth’s Chris.

A couple of great articles I wanted to share:

How to motivate yourself to exercise: 41 Ways to help you get out the door

How to Schedule Your Workouts

Today’s agenda includes work, grocery shopping, and cycling. I also plan to get an arm workout and a plank in there. Our plans are for a very light (and healthy) dinner tonight after last night’s feast.

Let’s Get Motivated

Thought this was funny, but true. This week I will be incorporating strength routines back into my workouts. I must work on getting stronger before my surgery – especially my arms since I am going to have to use crutches. Any suggestions for specific exercises I should do for the crutches?

Don’t give up! If something is not working, don’t stop everything altogether. Make small changes. Find what works for you. And remember that just because it works for someone else, doesn’t mean it will work for you. We are all different and unique.

This is me right now – a slow walker, but I keep on going. It is all about moving – whether you are fast or slow – just MOVE!

Let your mistakes motivate you – not stop you. Learn from your mistakes. Keep trying and moving! DON’T GIVE UP!

One of my favorite Facebook pages that I follow is Get Fit Over 40. Be sure and friend them for some great information and motivation. Here is one of my favorites lately:

What’s on your agenda for the week? What is motivating you?

Enjoy your day!

10 Responses to “Monday Motivation Mania!!!”

    • Go Yoga! I am cycling (or hitting the elliptical if the weather turns on us). Looking forward to MOVING my body!

  1. i lOVE the one about walking slow but never backwards! thats awesome! thanks for sharing! happy monday and spa love!!

  2. What’s motivating me? Finding a new full-time job; continuing to grow my health coaching business. Crushing my eats and workouts:) Thanks for sharing all of yours!

  3. Love all the motivational sayings you posted! I am back in full swing Nike Women’s Half Marathon training! 9 miles on deck for later today! Woot!

  4. My goal of 50k is motivating me today! Even though I’m feeling quite under the weather… But, I’ve got the whole week ahead of me! :)