Monday, Monday. Let’s Get Motivated!!!

Monday, Monday!!! Time again for another week! Are you ready? I was hoping I would be able to say I was, but sadly I did NOT sleep well last night. I need to be alert and ready to go at work since we have two clients coming in this morning. All I really want to do is go back to bed.

In case you missed my posts over the weekend, be sure and check out my Super Saturday (tons of fun stuff happened) and my Best Body Bootcamp Week 4 Update (we are halfway through now).

Sunday was much less exciting than Saturday, but very relaxing. Just a quiet day around the house and a walk in the late afternoon. Dinner was grilled salmon and salads followed up by some watermelon.

While the number of the scale does not define me or my progress, I am happy to report I am at my lowest weight of the year. It is finally coming off. A half pound at a time, but it is coming off. Just remember that every time you lose a pound of fat this is what leaves your body:

Source: via Team on Pinterest

Are you ready? Let’s get MOTIVATED!

I actually get this feeling now. Saturday after my Triple Threat Cardio, I felt great. Tired, but I knew I had worked my body out. I felt like I had accomplished something great!

Sweat is magic. It is liquid awesome. It is also proof of your hard work. Don’t be afraid. Embrace it. I used to hate to sweat, now I know it is the sign of a great workout.

I hear so many people say they just don’t have enough time to workout. We all have the same 24 hours in a day. It is completely up to YOU to CHOOSE how to spend those hours. You have to make yourself a priority. You can hire someone to clean your house, mow your yard, or wash your car; but you can’t hire someone to do the work you need to get yourself healthy. YOU have to make the commitment and find the time.

While you shouldn’t compare your progress to anyone, know that everyone has the same capability. Do you have the determination and drive?

What are you doing today to work on your goal? More importantly, do you have your goals written down? Goals that are not written down are just wishes. Take time today to write down three goals for the week.

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My workouts this week will be strength training, walking, strength training, walking, day of rest, race day, day of rest.

My three goals for the week are:

* Plank / bridge a day
* 10 minutes of stretching a day
* 64 oz of water a day

How is your week shaping up? Do you have your workouts planned? What are your goals? What motivates you?

Enjoy your Monday!

8 Responses to “Monday, Monday. Let’s Get Motivated!!!”

  1. Im so so so so with you.
    it makes me crazy when friends say I DONT HAVE TIME LIKE YOU TO DO EXERCISE.

    30 minutes people. make the time :-)

  2. Wow. I LOVE this quote “Time flies, but you are the pilot.” Never heard that one before, but I LOVE it. We control our choices, we control every second of every day. Let’s make them not only great moments, but AMAZING moments.

  3. Good job, Glenneth! Keep it up – – – enjoyed your Saturday blog a lot too

  4. I used to say I didn’t have the time to train….in reality, I wasn’t making the time! Now, I couldn’t imagine my life without exercising and treating by body with LOVE :)

    Great job on the progress :)