Marvelous Monday Motivation!

Good morning and HAPPY MONDAY! I accomplished what I set out to this weekend (rest, fun, and cleaning) and a little more. Check out this post for the 2 PRs I set over the weekend.

Yesterday for activity we grabbed our bikes and headed to a parking lot we like to ride in. It is usually empty after 5PM and on weekends and we were in luck. It was empty AND no one came in and out the whole time we were there. WOW! We need to ride our bikes more often. (1) Because it is fun and (2) because it uses a completely different set of muscles than walking. I need to concentrate on holding my arms properly. I tend to lock them and then my elbow hurts. I will be so glad when the heat and humidity breaks. It will make outdoor activity so much more enjoyable.

Can you believe only 2 more days of July? Are you looking for an August Challenge? Why not check out Accomplished August Challenge over at Tara’s site? I love this challenge. Why? Per Tara: “For August it’s going to be about accomplishing…your personal goals, business goals, fitness goals, being yourself, whatever.” YOU decide what you want to accomplish for August. Need to focus on business? Great? Want to focus on personal goals? Fantastic? Health goals? Yes. Check it out and join me.

It’s that time again – Let’s get motivated!

Start with small changes – switch regular soda to diet, switch candy bars to fruit, etc. Small changes add up over time.

I first saw this on Tina’s blog and LOVE it. Take a step, take another, keep going. Just getting started? Walk for 5 minutes. Walk the next day for 10 minutes. Miss a day? Keep going the next one. Just keep moving forward.

Stop focusing on the successes or failures of others. Just focus on yourself. We are all different. You can’t control them, you only CONTROL YOU. Concentrate on what you CAN control.

Source: via Glenneth on Pinterest

I love this one. Especially when I am the only female walking into the weight area of the gym. There is nothing that makes me feel stronger than strength training in the gym.

Are you determined?

What is motivating you? What workouts do you have planned for the week?

Happy Monday! Enjoy Your Day!

3 Responses to “Marvelous Monday Motivation!”

  1. LOVE all the graphics you used here!
    and love having you in the Accomplished August challenge!
    motivation for me….there is no other choice but to keep going, keep aspiring to be a better me… that’s my motivation :)

  2. Thank you for this! I’ve had lots of guests lately, and that means lots of eating out. Feeling a bit weighed down (literally) and this just buoyed me back up again :)