Look Up! A New Banner!

Good morning. Look up. Now look to your right. I am not just trying to get you to stretch your neck. Notice anything new? My blog has a A NEW BANNER and my photo is now on the right instead of in the banner.

My friend Brian over at Anocial took all the elements I wanted in a banner and made them look fabulous. I am so thrilled with the results. Be sure and check out his site. He is an amazing web developer and graphic artist. If you are looking for something new for your blog or website, stop by his site and check it out. He is a WordPress guru and an awesome guy all around.

Check out what came in the mail yesterday. Oat Clusters from Love Grown Foods.

Love Grown Foods
Love Grown Foods

I won these as a giveaway on Tina’s blog. I thought I might get a pack or a sample size bag, instead I got 5 full size bags. You better believe what I will be trying over the next few days. And I will share with my hubby.

Look what my mom brought me today. Remember I mentioned sunflowers the other day? Love these.

So, I have mentioned what a klutz I am. Went to Planet Fitness with my friend M and her daughter A yesterday. Almost fell off the treadmill. At 3.0 miles per hour. Sigh. Other than that we had a great workout. Cardio, bench press, squats, leg press, and planks for me. Tonight’s workout is walking – outside. Looking like another BEAUTIFUL day to be outside.

In other fun news, I have my first blog on a local news site, WBIR. Check out:

Top 10 Places to Walk in Knoxville

Did you know I am a Girls Gone Sporty Ambassador? You can meet the Girls Gone Sporty Ambassadors here. Check out the cool “badge” to the right. You can check out the Girls Gone Sporty Facebook page or follow them on Twitter.

I woke up to discover I won tickets to the biggest football game in town – UT vs Florida this weekend. ESPN will be here doing College Gameday. Huge thanks to our local restaurant Calhouns for these.

Wish me luck on my MRI today, I have never had one. They say I am going in feet first so my head will be sticking out a little. Will keep you posted.

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7 Responses to “Look Up! A New Banner!”

  1. prayers sent your way!!!! i had all my dental work done yesterday, and i survived. you’ll be ok!!! :o) also, youre really lucky! love grown is an AWESOME brand! have a fab day! spa love

  2. I’ve had my fair share of missteps on the treadmill. (haven’t we all?! lol)

    Your new banner is very cute! I love the colorful flourishes in the background!