Let There Be Sunshine!!!

The rain has stopped! And yes, that is newsworthy. It rained all day Monday and most of Tuesday. So gloomy. Today we are supposed to see the SUN! Low of 50 and high of 70. Sounds perfect! Too bad I will be inside pretty much all day.

Today will be my craziest of the week. Work from 8-4:30 with many meetings, webinars, and lots of to-dos. Then I head to Duck Duck Goose immediately after work. What is Duck Duck Goose? A children’s consignment event. Why I am (who has no children) going? My 31 team has a booth there and I am working tonight. This is the biggest event of its type in Knoxville and runs 4 days. I am working this evening (5PM – ???) and Saturday afternoon. I hope to make lots of great contacts for my 31 business. Sometimes the hardest part of direct selling is getting out of your circle.

My hope is that they turn the air conditioner on today at the sale. We went last night to set up our booth and it was HOT! Surely they will try to cool it down for all the pregnant women.

I have given myself permission to take the week off activity. After last week and this weekend, my body is exhausted. All my muscles hurt. With the craziness that I have going on, I found it best to allow myself time to recover from the soreness and permission to take it easy.

A great blog post you should read – 10 Top Health Lessons Learned by Abby. Read this. They are all so important and so true. This week I am working on #10 (trying to relax when I can) and #6 Sleep (my body is not cooperating).

You always hear the saying Never Give Up. Click the link and watch the video. That is the best example of never giving up.

I found some things on Facebook I wanted to share with you.

If you ever wondered what muscles a plank works, this picture will show you.

Love this one!

Rules to live by. I am working on the sleep part this week. Wouldn’t you know that my craziest week has been my week of worst sleep in months?

Finally, let’s talk a little TV. Are you a BONES fan? I just discovered the show this summer thanks to my friend A, but I am caught up and watched the premiere on Monday. Great opening episode. And tonight – SURVIVOR. Sadly, I won’t get to watch until tomorrow, but Survivor is my favorite reality show.

What’s your favorite TV show? Do you ever grant yourself permission to take a week completely off? What health lesson have you learned?

Enjoy your day!

7 Responses to “Let There Be Sunshine!!!”

  1. i love the fishie picture! how awesome!! best of luck with the busy work day! spa love to you!

  2. I have been taking almost a week off while here in Minnesota…or at least doing very simple and easy things vs heavy lifting. I allow this when my body TELLS ME SO. I reached that point, so I bowed down to the art of listening! Great post:)

  3. My favorite TV show is Revenge. Love the twists and turns.. have been seeing ads for Bones and it looks intriguing altho I have not seen it.

  4. I love the plank picture. I think people tend to not think about it and just do it because others are. Seeing that helps reinforce why it’s so good for us, and why the posture is so important!