Labor Day Monday Motivation!

Good morning and Happy Labor Day! Thank goodness for three-day weekends. Yesterday was a productive, but relaxing day for me. I had a ton of work to do in my home office – cleaning, organizing, blogging, etc. And I got it all done. My blog posts from yesterday in case you missed them:

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I also snuck in a little nap and hubby and I watched some TV. We are slowly making our way through Seasons 1-7 of Bones. I don’t think we are going to be through by the time Season 8 starts.

Last night we headed to Double Dogs for dinner. They have the best chilled peel and eat shrimp in town. And only $14.99 per pound. We split that and eat had a house salad. Perfect!

Today I am up before the crack of dawn. We are heading to a race. I will be a cheerleader and not a participant. It is a 1 mile race so participants can see how fast they can run a mile. It is a straight course (no loops) and fairly flat (hard to find in Knoxville). I will be cheering hubby and friend on. I sense a nap later on today. I will also be heading to the grocery store early this morning. During my productivity Saturday I cleaned out the fridge, freezer, and pantry. There is not much left.

Are you ready to get motivated for the week?

Think about your choices… Will your decision help you or hurt you? CHOOSE GOOD!

I love this one. Kind of like “fake it til you make it.” BE CONFIDENT. So important.

NO more excuses. Period. Write your excuse down. Now ‘X’ through it and start moving.

Think of a bad habit. Now think of a good habit you can replace it with. Are you ready to make the change?

Source: via Glenneth on Pinterest

I saw this on Facebook and loved it. Seven Simple Steps for Health.

Source: via Glenneth on Pinterest

Do you have today off? If so, any big plans? Have you planned your workouts for the week?

Enjoy your day!

3 Responses to “Labor Day Monday Motivation!”

  1. it is FREE YOGA DAY all across my city.
    Im yoga’ing…then frolicking with the family.