Happy 4th – Pilot Fireball Classic 5K

Hope everyone is enjoying your 4th of July holiday. We are having a semi-lazy day and are looking forward to having some friends over for dinner. What’s for dinner you might ask? Just a hint:

Tomorrow’s post will contain a recap of dinner!

Let’s rewind to last night’s Pilot Fireball Classic 5K! This was our 3rd year at this race. While the temps in Knoxville had been in the triple digits for a few days before, we lucked out last night. I think it was only in the upper 70s when we started! There was a great crowd – over 1300 participants. A picture of me before the race:

Loved my new tank top from Old Navy. Saw some other really cute red, white, and blue tank tops at the race. Asked about them and they came from Walmart. Think I will be hitting Walmart up next year (or maybe even today if I get out).

I tried something new at this race. I did NOT walk with my iPhone. Instead I grabbed my iPod nano (the latest generation that clips on you) and my headphones. What did I miss by not having my phone with me? The ability to take pictures before and after the race. What did I gain? The chance to soak in everything without constantly checking my phone or taking pictures.

I do wish I had had my camera with me before the race started. Why? The Avengers ran the race. A team of four got together and dressed up as the super heroes. They looked awesome. I felt for The Hulk though. He was covered in green paint makeup. That had to have been uncomfortable in the heat.

Updated to include photo of The Avengers. HUGE thanks to Brooke aka @FrugalTrophyWife:

Last night while walking I was looking to the left of me watching the runners as they headed back to the finish line. I was also trying to look right as there were some fireworks going off. I was lucky not to trip and fall since I hardly looked down or in front of me. Oops. Some of the parts of the race were really dark (no street lights).

One thing I forgot to take to this race? GLOW BRACELETS! Last year I thought they would be the perfect accessory to a night race, but completely forgot about them until I saw some others wearing them. Darn it.

My Garmin shows I finished in 51:47. Almost my fastest 5K of the year. And the best part? You know all the leg troubles I have been having? I had none of that last night. I think the 2 Advil I had 1.5 hours before race start were the key. I will try those again and see if I have the same results.

After the race we headed to dinner, then the grocery store. It was after midnight before we got home. WAY past my bedtime. So today will be spent relaxing!

Want to read more about why I walk 5Ks and my tips for walking them? Head over to my guest post on Abby’s blog. It went up yesterday!


4 Responses to “Happy 4th – Pilot Fireball Classic 5K”

  1. are we friends on facebook? i got a pic of the avengers if you’d like to borrow it. how ’bout i tweet the picture and mention you?

    • Glenneth

      that would be fabulous and we are friends on facebook! i so hated not getting their picture!

  2. I did a night race in March and I totally forgot about the glow bracelets too! Next night race!!!