Guess who came to breakfast?

I love Folly Beach. We are having a wonderful time. Lots of relaxing, eating, and some drinking. I cannot express how nice everyone is here. The hotel staff is amazing.

When I asked for restaurant recommendations via social media, almost everyone said we needed to have breakfast at The Lost Dog Cafe. Since my mom’s friend Jackie was coming to see us from Hilton Head later in the am, we decided Saturday would be the perfect morning to go.

We love having everything within walking distance. We haven’t moved the car since we got here. Although I have checked on it a few times to make sure it is okay. It is extremely sandy and will definitely need a bath when I return. We got to the cafe and decided it was such a nice morning that we would sit outside for breakfast. This was our dining area:


There were three tables of us sitting outside when all of a sudden one of the ladies noticed a snake in the tree right next to where the dining area is. Under the tree? A place for kids to sit and play with two kids under there. While most people stepped back, I just had to get a picture to show you.


Snake!!! The staff was very quick to get the snake out of the tree and into a bucket. Then one of the gentleman drove it somewhere else. Lots of breakfast excitement! After a wonderful breakfast, we walked back to the hotel, changed into our bathing suits, and headed to the ocean. We decided to rent the cabana chairs and umbrella.


Check out this sign on the beach:


The poor lifeguards spent most of their time telling people to move. No one seems to obey the sign. They really are trying to prevent people slamming into the pier.

Have I mentioned while I love the beach that I am not a huge fan of sand? Check out how sandy my foot was after playing in the ocean then walking back to our chairs:


We had lunch again at the outside bar restaurant. Check out this wedge salad. It was delicious.


Later in the afternoon, mom and I headed to the bar for a drink:


For dinner we headed to a place called Loggerheads. One reason we choose them was they offered broiled seafood, not just fried. They had been recommended as “just okay.”.


I had the shrimp and scallops. Yummy!

After dinner we headed back to the hotel to sit by the pool area for a while. These are a few more of the creatures we saw:


Luckily these were not the living kind.

Today is our last day. We are heading home tomorrow. Our chairs by the pool all already reserved and I am heading down when I finish this blog.

Enjoy your day!


5 Responses to “Guess who came to breakfast?”

  1. OMG I’d have totally wigged out if there was a snake around! I’d be the one screaming running away!
    and I love Hilton Head and Folly Beach and sand ;)

    • Glenneth

      LOVED Folly Beach – even the snake! I can seriously see making this an annual trip.