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Good morning! Happy Tuesday! Yesterday day was wonderful, the evening was a little more frustrating. First, looks like our HOA wants to raise dues. Long story, but I will be protesting. Anyone can look at the budget/finances and see several areas to reduce spending BEFORE raising dues. Second, dealing with UPS is a headache. I so wish Apple used FedEx to ship the iPhone5. Fingers crossed hubby is actually able to pick up his phone this morning at 8 as promised by the lady on the phone. He ordered his the day after I did and is just now receiving his phone.

Anyways, onto happier things. So, you probably know my love for Pinterest. Well, I have discovered a new site that is right up my alley:

The Fit It is a “pinterest-like” site for fitness people. Per their Twitter page, “The Fit It is the only forum for fitness enthusiasts that combines photo sharing and tools to facilitate your fitness journey in one user-friendly location.” Check out a couple of screenshots from the site:

The Fit It Screen Shot 1
The Fit It Screen Shot 2

Per The Fit It’s Facebook page: is the first ever photo sharing community for fitness enthusiasts and the professionals who serve them. The Fit It allows you to view, plan, collect, visualize, celebrate, and share all the details of your fitness journey. provides a better focus to peruse images, websites, blogs, and fitness tools with your ‘Move It’ button. With thoughtful fitness related categories, you can look through favorite fitness attire without searching a general fitness category. If specialized workouts are what you’re interested in, preview the board and ‘Move It’ on to your own desired Move Board for easy accessibility. If you follow your favorite fitness gurus on Facebook and you want to pin or ‘Move It’ on to your Move Board, allows you to do just that.

The Fit It makes fitness resources and concepts available in one location for quick manageability and reference making your fitness journey that much easier. Whether you are a lifelong athlete or have never picked up a weight in your life, get Moving now! Move And Be Inspired.

No more searching to try to find the health and fitness items, they are all on one site. I love that I can embed my “moves” into my blog. Like these:

On a side note – I really like the above saying for general purposes. Just because you CAN do something, doesn’t mean you SHOULD do it. Think about it.

Some examples of boards they have are: Dare to Compete, Fitness Fashion, Inspiration, Lighten Up, Quickie Workouts, Satisfying Snacks, and more.

All of this is just the first facet of what will offer – they plan to launch many different fitness applications in the next couple weeks and will continue to be a work in progress. They don’t have an iPad app, but I tried the site on my iPad and it worked great. I was able to move items to my boards without problems.

You can find The Fit It at:

The Fit It website
The Fit It on Facebook
The Fit It on Twitter

Find me on at LetsTalkAndWalk. When you “follow” someone on, you are “chasing” them. It is free to sign up and you don’t need an invitation.

Have you heard of What do you think? If you are a “mover”, be sure and leave a link to your page so I can “chase” you.

Enjoy Your Day! Make It Awesome!

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  1. I haven’t seen or used Fitit before, but now I’m going to check it out!

    Hope you get that iphone asap!