Frush: Shake It Up!

I was recently given the opportunity to try a new fruit and yogurt smoothie called Frush and to share it with some of my friends. Since I love smoothies, but hate making them, I agreed to do a taste test. The day the items were delivered to my house, I had to try one right away. I cracked open a Strawberry Frush and tasted it, then handed it to my hubby without telling him anything about it. He tastes it, looks at me and says “tastes like strawberry yogurt.” BINGO! That’s exactly what it is: strawberry + yogurt.


  • Made with real fruit and rich, creamy yogurt
  • 9 grams of protein per serving
  • HOWARU Bifido probiotics boost immunity and aid in digestion
  • TruCal and calcium from milk sources provide 50% of the daily calcium requirements in each serving

I love the mission of the Origin Food Group (makers of Frush). “Origin Food Group is committed to developing healthy, affordable, tasty and innovative foods that offer healthy alternatives for today’s fast paced lifestyles. We believe producing value-added products gives our customers the nutrition they need while fitting seamlessly into their lifestyles. We don’t just make food. We make it better.” Check out their website at

There are 4 flavors of Frush (we had a little fun with all the product):

  • Strawberry
  • Peach
  • Blueberry
  • Strawberry-Banana

Strawberry is my absolutely favorite. The guys at my office said blueberry was hands down the best. My girlfriends all had different favorite flavors. I am not a huge blueberry fan in general, so not surprisingly, the Blueberry Frush was not my favorite. So, when selecting your Frush, choose your favorite fruit.

I let my coworkers try Frush and then had some friends over to taste. My coworkers and the guys declined to be on camera. Here are some pros and cons from the tasting:


* Tastes great
* Easy to carry with you
* 8oz is a great size


* 200 calories for a 8 oz size seems a little high
* 33 grams of sugar in a serving is excessive
* No fiber

A couple of my friends asked for a lactose free version. Another downside, in our area, is their limited availability. They are only available at our Ingle’s stores. While I have been to Ingle’s and they have a beautiful store, it is completely out of my way for grocery shopping. Frush would do good to try to get their product on the shelves at Krogers.

I think Frush makes a great part of a grab and go breakfast, an after workout drink, or a tasty dessert as long as you are aware of their sugar content.

Have you tried Frush? What did you think?


Disclaimer: I was provided free samples for the tasting along with coupons for the product in exchange for my review. All opinions came from the tastings I did with my friends and co-workers.

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