Five For Friday!!!

TGIF! Its Friday! Sorry I have been MIA the past couple of days. Something had to take a backseat and it was blogging. One day I will write a couple of posts to save in case this happens again. It won’t be anytime soon. LOL.

Had a 31 party with my friends last night. Love getting to see these ladies. Also love getting to show off our 31 products.

Guess what this weekend is?

To say I am excited is an understatement. And wait til you see what I am wearing. There will be PLENTY of pictures to show! Let’s move on to Five For Friday!

5 Blog Posts You Should Read

Different Things Work for Different People by Suzi – I love this post. Just because an eating lifestyle or workout works for your friend, husband, coworker, etc. doesn’t mean it is right for you. Don’t jump into the latest fad just because everyone else is. Give it a try maybe, but if it is not working, move on.

Top 5 Fitness Mistakes Most Beginners Make by Angie – Great suggestions for beginners and reminders for everyone. I especially like the “only doing cardio” – change up your workout, do various forms of exercise.

30 Minute Circuit Workout by Julie – Julie always creates great circuit workouts. I have got to try the PicMonkey website she uses to create her graphics.

10 Healthy Decisions to Make this Fall by Heather – Great goals and todos for all of us this Fall. I especially like the schedule whatever appointment you have been putting off. Haven’t had a physical in a while? a mammogram? Call and schedule one now.

Developing Quality Exercise Habits by Angie – Great advice and I love the 9 month timeline. Check out the graphic I found:

5 Tweets Not to Be Missed

5 Quirky Searches That Landed People on My Blog

I always love seeing what searches landed people on my blog. I thought these 5 were funny.

* reese’s fact
* big pink box october
* how to take apart tervis tumbler
* handwritten love quotes
* one bad meal

That’s all for today! Special guest post coming up Sunday – you won’t want to miss it!

What’s on your agenda for the weekend? Any races? Share something fun!

TGIF! Enjoy your day!

4 Responses to “Five For Friday!!!”

  1. Oh I love 31! So much fun!! Best of luck at your race! Make sure u run like a rainbow :0) spa love!