Eggs in a Basket

So, a few weeks ago I had an impromptu breakfast at Cracker Barrel with some friends. It was at that meal that I first discovered eggs in a basket. My friend L was eating them and I thought they looked delicious and fun!

This afternoon I decided to attempt them myself for lunch. I bought some bread at the store and had eggs already at the house.

I took all the supplies out and put the on the counter. The first challenge was finding something small enough to cut a hole in the bread. Finally found a Tupperware that was meant to hold salad dressing.


I think I did pretty good for my first attempt. I overlooked the bread slightly, but it was still edible. The egg actually cooked perfectly! Here are some photos for proof:


I may try again tomorrow for breakfast. Too bad my hubby doesn’t like eggs. They are all I can cook. LOL.

What’s your favorite egg dish?

This post composed completely on my iPhone with the WordPress app. Really curious how the pictures will look.

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