Best Body Bootcamp Week 7 Update

Happy Tuesday!! Time for my week 7 Best Body Bootcamp update. We are now in our last week of the bootcamp. These eight weeks have flown by.

Just to remind everyone: I am not following the “official” bootcamp workouts because I am one of Tina’s online personal training customers. And again, if you have been doing bootcamp and loved your workouts, sign up with Tina to be one of her personal clients. You can get 12 weeks for $125. That works out to $10.41 per week. And you get a worked designed especially for you, you goals, and your equipment. Tina works with you one-on-one to make any adjustments.

Week 7 rocked! Let me share my workouts with you:

  • Monday: After all the spring cleaning the weekend before, Monday became a much-needed day of rest.
  • Tuesday: Arms + 20 min steady cardio
  • Wednesday: ZUMBA!!!
  • Thursday: Day of rest
  • Friday: Int B – 25 minute workout
  • Saturday: 2 mile walk (Int A) + lower body/core workout
  • Sunday: Total Body Workout

Things I learned from the week:

1. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday were too cardio/lower body intensive. I should have separated those somehow. Tina’s plans, if done in order, would always work. I, however, tend to mix and match them to fit the day.

2. The previous week, when I had knee trouble, must have been from the mowing. This Saturday, after the 2 mile walk, I had no trouble at all completing all of the different squats Tina had assigned me. And they felt great!

3. A rest day after a weekend of cleaning is a perfect thing for you body! I had a fabulous pedicure that day to relax.

Are you ready for “The Fitness Secret”? Hold on….

Source: via Glenneth on Pinterest

Sorry. No magic pill or drink. You have three areas: exercise (weight training, cardio, stretching/flexibility), food (proper nutrition and water), and finally sleep. That’s the secret. Incorporating all of these in the right amounts into your lifestyle.

Do you journal your food and exercise? Do you ever fudge a bit? Well….

That’s right – your body is tracking everything – even if you aren’t. BE HONEST!

And finally, if your scale seems stuck or moves slowly,

How are your workouts going? What is your”go-to” workout? What’s one of your non-scale victory?

Happy Tuesday! Make it awesome!

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