An Awesome Arm Workout!

Good morning! Can you believe the week is almost over? Thursday already! Plus, today is the LAST day of May. May flew by for me. This means it is time for a 2012 goal update. Probably this weekend.

Back in December, I asked this question: Online Personal Training – Does it Work? I had signed up with Tina Reale to do 6 months of online personal training. Thought I would share some pros and cons of having an online trainer:


* Much more affordable than personal training at a gym or your home. Seriously more affordable.
* You do the workout when you want to, not a scheduled time. So, if something comes up, you can quickly adjust your schedule.
* You get written workouts that you can keep.
* Flexibility to do the workouts at home or in a gym.


* There is no one there pushing you to do more or better. You have to rely solely on your own motivation.
* There is no one there to correct your form. All the videos and photos are fabulous, but sometimes having someone with you is beneficial.

Would I sign up with Tina again? ABSOLUTELY! Probably for a shorter amount of time – maybe 3 months. By month 6 I was itching to do my own thing. Would I recommend Tina? ABSOLUTELY! Seriously. If you are looking for some structured workouts (that are flexible), do contact her. She was always so responsive, positive, and understanding. Truly my biggest complaint is that I haven’t had the chance to meet her. Maybe one day. Just checked out Tina’s site and she is actually on a wait-list now – that’s how fabulous she is. If you want to try her services, get signed up on her list. Also, follow her blog. She offered an 8-week bootcamp earlier this year that was fantastic. It came with workouts and the opportunity to win prizes.

My favorite workouts were arm workouts. They are my favorite because I want buff/toned arms. I put together the following arm workout and thought I would share it with you! One thing I learned during my time is that I get nauseous when laying down or on the stability ball sometimes (especially working out in the AM). So, this workout is done standing up. No ball. No floor. The only thing you need are some dumbbells.

I did this workout last night and only managed two sets. I haven’t done any strength training in over two weeks AND I started out with heavy weights. My arms were burning when I finished and they are sore this morning. SCORE!

What’s your favorite workout?

Have a fabulous day!

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  1. I tried this & really enjoyed it! Thank for sharing. I did add some tricep extensions to the end though, because I felt like there wasn’t enough tricep exercises to balance out the number of bicep ones. Again, great arm workout, thanks for sharing!:)