5-4-3-2-1 Weekend Countdown!

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Good morning and Happy Friday! Ready for the weekend? I am. After 3 days of cleaning last weekend, I am looking forward to taking it easy this weekend. Or at the very least, NO CLEANING! We are doing a 5K tomorrow (as long as it isn’t storming). Also on tap for the weekend? Good question. No major plans – THANK GOODNESS. Next week is going to be crazy busy (in a good way), so I am looking forward to some rest this weekend.

Let’s countdown to the weekend.

5 Posts from Around the Blogosphere this Week

Book Review: S.A.S.S. Yourself Slim by Cammy. This is a really great overview. I like Cammy’s style. Haven’t decided if I want to read the book myself or not. Your thoughts?

When You Are A SuperTaster by Allison guest posting on Tina’s blog. I marked this article because I dislike soooo many vegetables. Allison has a ton of great ideas. I will be following her blog from now on.

No Equipment Needed Cardio Circuit Workout by Julie. This proves anyone can exercise anywhere that you don’t need to belong to a fancy gym.

Mid-Week Motivation by Tina. Very simple and something we all need to remember.

7 Tips for Walking 10,000 Steps a Day by Brett. Very easy ideas to up your number of steps per day. I got a Fitbit this week (more on this later) and can now tell how many steps per day I am getting.

4 Pictures From This Week

I won Chobani’s fan of the week on Facebook and they sent me a package of yogurt. 3 different flavors, 4 cups of each. I can’t wait to share my thoughts with you.

Lots of Chobani for Me
Lots of Chobani for Me

My roses are popping every day. There will be more pictures to come.

My Beautiful Knockout Roses
My Beautiful Knockout Roses

We made baked sweet potato fries last night with our turkey burger. They were FABULOUS!

Sweet Potato Fries Before Baking
Sweet Potato Fries Before Baking

I ordered the April NatureBox for myself and it came this week. I have only tried one item so far.

April's NatureBox Delivery
April's NatureBox Delivery

3 Simply Precious Animal Pictures

2 Workouts For You

Great way to create your own workout:

Getting your abs ready for summer? Here are 7 moves to help:

1 Motivation

Happy Friday! Make it Awesome!

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