5-4-3-2-1! Countdown to the Weekend!

Hello and Happy Friday! Ready for the weekend?

Do you know what today is? The iPhone5 officially launches. Sadly, I will not be getting mine. Even though I ordered mine 2 hours and 15 minutes after pre-orders started, they sold so many that it gave me a 2 week delivery date. However, my credit card was charged during the night AND my order now says preparing to ship. Maybe I will get it early next week. Fingers crossed.

My car goes in for its first official checkup today. Mainly that means an oil change. I love that it tells me when it is time.

Last night I went walking with my friend L and her munchkin S. Always great walking with them. Plus I got lots of munchkin hugs. L got a new to her car and it is sooo pretty. Very excited for her.

Let’s countdown to the weekend!

5 Blog Posts I Favorited This Week

The Stigma of Walking by Crystal – As a walker myself, I find this so true. Regardless of speed or if you are walking and running – the important thing is just to be moving.

Healthy, Travel-Friendly Eats by Tina – These are not just great for travel – but anywhere you need a healthy snack.

Fitness Mantras – Why They Work by Lisa – Here is some help creating small phrase mantras that rock! I love mantras!

Total Body Circuit Workout by Julie – Julie always creates some great, fun workouts.

For Weight Loss, Less Exercise Maybe More by Gretchen – I haven’t quite decided how I feel about this article. I will say when I do hard, hour long workouts that I am starving after and even the next day. Your thoughts?

4 Great Tweets From the Week

3 Pictures From The Week

I worked the Duck Duck Goose consignment sale Wednesday night and this was part of our booth. Tons of 31 products. I am working again Saturday afternoon. If you are in Knoxville and have kids, this is the place to be.

The latest and greatest Furby! He even has his own app! There will be video coming soon. First up, he needs a name. Any suggestions?

And finally, my professional head shot by Haas Designs:

2 Workouts I Want to Try

Kettlebells! These are supposed to be a fantastic workout. I want to try them. My only concern is that I will let go and break something. These may go on my Christmas/Birthday wish list.

TRX. This looks like such fun. Challenging, but fun. Neither of the gyms I work out at have kettlebells or TRX. Has anyone ever installed these at their house? It is fairly easy?

Source: google.com via Rachel on Pinterest

1 Huge Celebration This Weekend

Huge celebration coming up Sunday! My Mom’s birthday! We will be celebrating at Ruth’s Chris Steak House with delicious food, presents, and dessert! Can’t show you what I got her yet – she reads my blog! Pictures and a recap next week.

What are your plans for the weekend? Anything you are looking forward to?

Happy Friday! Make it Awesome!

5 Responses to “5-4-3-2-1! Countdown to the Weekend!”

  1. omg!!! i havent seen furbies in so long!!! hahaha. i used to have two of those things when i was younger! i loved it!!! have a great friday! spa love!

  2. I hope your iPhone 5 gets to you soon! We are ordering ours next month when our contract with AT&T is up. :)

    I do TRX in a specialized studio and LOVE it! I’ve only done it for 3 weeks {about 2-3 times a week} but I can already tell I am stronger than before!

  3. Name Furby Wesley – – you always loved that name.
    I am sure your mom can’t wait either. :)

  4. What a great post idea, Glenneth! :) Thanks for posting. And definitely ask for kettlebells for Christmas – I love them and use them when training clients all the time. Actually, I use the TRX regularly too, for myself and clients…so I think you should go for it and GET BOTH!!! :) Have a great weekend!