5-4-3-2-1-13 Weekend Countdown!

TGIF! We have made it to another Friday. WOOHOO!!! Any big plans for the weekend? My plans include cleaning the house and starting to pack for the beach!

Prayers go out to my favorite little munchkin S today. She is having her adenoids out. She doesn’t understand much about the surgery, but she knows she gets POPSICLES after. Later this month we will celebrate her THIRD birthday.

Funny story. I woke up this morning with a sore throat and the last thing I remember dreaming was searching for water at the 31 National Conference I am going to in August. Immediately got up, got some water, and added water bottle to my packing list. Luckily since I seem to have a water bottle obsession, I have plenty to choose from. Anyone else enjoy new water bottles?

Let’s countdown to the weekend!

5 Things I Plan To Enjoy On Our Beach Vacation

1. Quality Mother/Daughter Time
2. The sand and the ocean!
3. Great seafood
4. Fruity drinks by the pool
5. Relaxing

4 Posts From Around The Blogsphere

Recap – The Color Run Philadelphia by Bex: Love this post because we are doing The Color Run in Nashville in October. Can.Not.Wait. Loved the tip about carrying your camera in a ziplock bag. Perfect!

Workout Wednesday – Wedding Day Arms by Katy: You know I am all about arm workouts. This one looks pretty hardcore.

Move it Monday Burpee Blaster by Tina: I need to learn to do burpees. It’s time.

Snacking Healthy at the Office by Heather: As someone who does work in an office everyday, I am always looking for healthy snack options.

3 Fitness Gear Products I Want

Source: swell.com via Glenneth on Pinterest

2 Precious Animals From Pinterest

Source: saifou.com via Glenneth on Pinterest

1 Walking Workout

What are your plans for the weekend? Do you vacation at the beach? What do you enjoy doing? Any blog posts you think I should read?

Happy Friday the 13th! Make it Awesome!

7 Responses to “5-4-3-2-1-13 Weekend Countdown!”

  1. Love your plan to relax and enjoy! I just posted about enjoying – it’s important that we take time for it.

    THat pug is toooooo cute. And that workout is aptly named INTENSE! Pinning; when I really need a challenge, I’ll refer back to that one. Thanks !

  2. lots of fun shares here! I need to make a things to enjoy list for the trip we have coming up…it’s to iowa GAH i’m not excited but with a list like that I would enjoy it for sure

  3. JoyceK

    Love your list for beach item to do. I agree!
    Love the little doxie – – he is so cute!

    • Glenneth

      Thanks Tara! I will have those shoes one day. My Brooks are just so well made I will truly have to wear them out.