An Awesome Arm Workout!

Good morning! Can you believe the week is almost over? Thursday already! Plus, today is the LAST day of May. May flew by for me. This means it is time for a 2012 goal update. Probably this weekend. Back in December, I asked this question: Online Personal Training – Does it Work? I had signed […]

Hot & Humid Means HYDRATE!

Source: via Jenn on Pinterest Hello and Happy Wednesday! Guess what I did yesterday? TWO WORKOUTS! I did my H.I.I.T. workout in the AM and walked 2 miles in the evening! We went late in the evening and the temps were pretty comfortable. This afternoon’s workout will be a new arm workout and another […]

Loving H.I.I.T. Workouts!

Hello and Happy Tuesday! Everyone ready to go back to work today? It has been a fabulous long weekend, but time to get back at it. Yesterday we had a cookout at my friend A’s house. Hot dogs, baked beans, strawberries, and much more. Check out my plates: Here is my favorite munchkin, S. She […]

Memorial Day Monday Motivation!!!

Happy Memorial Day!!! Thanks to all our men and women of the military. Thanks for keeping our country safe. I am proud to be an American! Last night hubby and I had a date night. First up? Sushi at Nama. I really think Nama has the BEST sushi in town. Luckily, for us, they weren’t […]

The Big Pink Box & Random Things!

Hello! Are you enjoying your Memorial Day weekend? Sorry I have been MIA, but sometimes life gets in the way. Let me catch you up! First of all, I am now a 31 consultant. WOOHOO!!! You can visit my website here if you want to check it out. I am both excited and a little […]

REVIEW: Fire Up Your Fat Burn

I mentioned the other day that Fire Up Your Fat Burn by Dr. Lori Shemek was on my reading list for the week. The book was released on May 13th and has all 5 star reviews on Amazon. I have met Lori in person and she is fabulous. I knew immediately I would be buying […]

Fun Summer 5Ks in Knoxville!

Happy Tuesday! So, yesterday was a delightfully delicious rest day. Worked (of course), had lunch with my mom, and then a relaxing evening at home with my hubby. There WILL be activity today! Sundays are usually one of my rest days, but since I did the 5K this Sunday, I decided Monday should be my […]

Ready for some Monday Motivation?

Good morning and Happy Monday! Everyone ready for a new week? Did you have a great weekend? In case you missed it, here is my post on healthy snacks. Guess what we did yesterday? A 5K! I love races that are walker friendly, allow headphones, AND have cookouts after! Sadly, because we registered on race […]

Looking for Some Healthy Snacks?

Remember back in March when I had a NatureBox giveaway on my blog? I have loved NatureBox ever since I heard of them. I even signed up for my own subscription after the giveaway. Well, I have some great news. I have been selected as one of the new NatureBox Ambassadors. *WOOHOO* Part of my […]

5-4-3-2-1 Weekend Countdown!!!

Source: via Brittany on Pinterest Good morning and Happy Friday! Are you ready for the weekend? I cannot believe it is Friday already. This week has FLOWN by. Yesterday’s workout (lower body, abs, circuits) was tough because I was actually still sore from the same workout on Saturday. Tina designed some TOUGH workouts for […]