Welcome to Your Path To Fit

My name is Glenneth and I am a certified personal trainer and certified holistic health coach.  I work with your goals, your schedule, and your equipment.  Don’t like an exercise?  We will find one to replace it.  The goal is to find activities that you enjoy doing on your path to fit.

I do not sell any weight loss products, supplements, etc.  I believe that is a personal decision that everyone needs to make for themselves and I don’t believe you need any of it to be healthier and get fit.

I don’t believe there is a single path to being fit and healthy.  I think it is different for everyone.

I do believe in working out.  I do believe in sweat.  I don’t believe in never having a cupcake.  And finally, I don’t believe in burpees.

Wisdom For Wednesday

2015-04-10 07.01.37

Hello and Happy Hump Day! Who celebrated Cinco De Mayo? This girl certainly did. I had my fair share of chips, salsa, and queso. I am looking forward to some healthier items on the menu today along with a TON of water. Slightly funny story. I bought a couple of bottles of water at the […]

Weekend in Review – Yoga, a 5K, & Ducks


Good morning and Happy Monday! Hope you had a fantastic weekend. Let’s catch up. Friday was a work from home day then dinner with hubby and friends. In case you missed Friday’s post, I talked about the Get Your Pretty On Spring Challenge. While the challenge is now officially over, many of us are staying […]

Ultimate Coffee Date – May

Ultimate Coffee Date

Hello and Happy Saturday! May is already here! Our weather is beautiful, although a bit chilly. I actually turned the heat back on yesterday. Once again I am joining Deborah at Confessions of a Mother Runner, Lynda at Fitness Mom Wine Country and Coco at Got2Run4Me for their Ultimate Coffee Date (first Saturday of each […]