Welcome to Your Path To Fit

My name is Glenneth and I am a certified personal trainer and certified holistic health coach.  My online coaching program is designed for women of all ages at all health and fitness levels. I will personally customize a program for you based on your goals, your schedule, and your equipment. I will also help you learn to be a “normal” eater without restricting the foods you love or exercising hours upon hours a day.

I am a body positive health and fitness coach who believes in HAES (Health at Every Size). I don’t believe there is a single path to being fit and healthy.  I think it is different for everyone. Healthy is a lifestyle and a mindset.

I do believe in working out.  I do believe in sweat.  I don’t believe in never having a cupcake.  And finally, I don’t believe in burpees.

Dear Coach: Vol. 2

Dear Coach- Vol. 2

Hello! As I mentioned two weeks ago, I have started working with a new personal trainer. I am writing this “Dear Coach” series every other week to keep you informed of the progress. Be sure to check out Volume 1 of this series. Week One Week One started out great, but life had other plans.

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Book Review: Your Holistically Hot Transformation

Holistically Hot Transformation

Disclosure: I was provided a copy of this book for free in exchange for this review. My friend and fellow health coach, Marissa Vicario, just released her first book, a wonderful account of her personal journey toward becoming Holistically Hot (aka healthy, fit and balanced), without resorting to deprivation or fad diets. Holistically Hot Transformation

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Top 10 Workout Songs for July 2016

Top 10 Workout Songs July 2016

Another month means another top 10 workout song list! RunHundred sent me this list of the Top 10 Workout Songs for July 2016. This is what they had to say about them: The artists behind this month’s top workout tunes could easily pass for the lineup of a great, summer music festival. Kicking off the

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Wall Squat Challenge by Move It Monday

The Wall Squat Challenge

Today’s wall squat challenge is the tenth challenge in the Move It Monday fitness challenges. Don’t forget we will be going through August with a new challenge every other Monday. Past Move It Monday Challenges: lunge hold challenge forearm plank challenge leg raise challenge burpee challenge pushup challenge reverse crunch challenge squat challenge straight arm

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Dear Coach: Vol. 1

Dear Coach- Vol. 1

Good morning and Happy Monday! Hope you had a great weekend! I am starting a new series on the blog today called “Dear Coach,” since I start working with a new online personal trainer for the next four months today. Every other week I will be giving an update on my progress and thoughts. Today’s

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Paddleboarding & Jet Ski Firsts

Paddleboarding & Jet Ski Firsts

As I mentioned in my July 4th weekend recap on Glenneth.com Tuesday, I went to the lake on the 4th of July. My cousins have a lake house and were kind enough to invite me over. One of my goals has been to try standup paddleboarding (last year I tried kayaking). Balance is definitely something

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Superman Challenge by Move It Monday

The Superman Challenge - A MoveItMonday Fitness Challenge

Hello and Happy Monday! Happy 4th of July to all my fellow Americans! Today we are going to be talking about the Superman Challenge by Move It Monday. But first . . . I am loving our three day weekend. I bought a hammock and it is quickly my new favorite place. Cheered on my

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